"When Wizards Keep Publishing wanted to create an extension to their new universe online and in video we went to Chris (Trickett). Put simply he "Gets it."  Due to his efforts to achieve our goals, visitors to the site now become part of our "science-fusion" universe.

Wizards Keep know we are in safe hands as we move forward and we feel anyone else placing their trust in Chris will feel the same. So much so, we named a character “Tryx” in the second volume of our graphic novel series, as a nod to Chris (Trickett) aka Trix and his work on our website. That’s how much esteem we hold him in."

Services: Worlds End website. Worlds End Graphic Novel video trailer.

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Innovation in Digital Media Award

Our comittment to immersive online experiences won us a Creativity Works Award.

3 x Be Inspired Business Awards Finalist 

including 'Creative Business of the Year'