Design for Delphic Syndicates EP for electonic music release Pythia and Hive. "Thank you for your excellent work and we have no hesitations in working with you again in the future"- Delphic Syndicate

Services: Logo design, EP Packaging design, creative direction.


Commissioned to produce the brand for London entertainment, video game and tech PR agency Little Big PR, Chris delivered a brand with the cheeky, friendly and memorable directors in mind. "You did an amazing job - Thanks Chris!" - Gareth Williams

Services: Logo design, letterheads, business cards, creative direction.


Chris produced a minimalist vector art focusing on the boy entitled 'Guardian' and a low poly Trico character render for video game The Last Guardian


A creative exercise producing low poly vector art of Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez

Chris produced the branding, website and literature for talent management & brand development service, Upload Agency. "Thanks Chris, you were awesome!" - Stuart Jones, Director

Services: Logo design, letterheads, business cards, website development, creative direction.



Chris undertook every design requirement for the official Disney Violetta Rhythm & Music videogame. Providing artwork for approval to Disney, Little Orbit, Namco Bandai & Nintendo. Trusted with a high profile entertainment IP, the project saw Chris take a game all the way from logo development up to release including all packaging, marketing artwork, localisation and development of assets for use in-game, The Nintendo eShop, advertising, exhibition and print collateral.

Services for this title: Key Art, Logo Design, Titlesheets (Wii, NDS & 3DS), 2D & 3D Packshots, Magazine Advertising, Multi Language Logo and Packaging Design, Nintendo eShop Assets including production of 3D assets, Manuals for Wii, NDS & 3DS, Disc Art & Retailer sell sheets. website takeover, artworking, print management, creative direction.


"Working with Chris was a pleasure. He expertly followed and helped guide the brief, in order to create a Nosgoth asset that we are really happy with. Hopefully this is the beginning of many more projects between Chris and Square Enix."

Services for this title: Infographic design, artworking, creative consultation.


Chris designed the European magazine advertising for How To Train Your Dragon 2 The Official Game for worldwide game publishers Little Orbit with DreamWorks Animation.

Services for this title: European magazine advertisements, retailer display packaging.

"Working with House of Trix has been a pleasure. Having first been recommended to us from within the industry, House of Trix has certainly proved itself to be an expert in the fields of graphic design and digital marketing. Their professional, organized and flexible approach to each project has made them an invaluable resource when it comes to developing assets for our online and offline marketing campaigns."

Services for this title: European magazine advertisement designs, retail sell-sheets, youtube one-channel design, website banner designs, 

"Chris (Trickett) was lead designer on the Hobbit iBooks Author series. He is brave and experimental with his ideas and brings a lot of creativity." 

The 5 official multi-touch iBooks were heavily featured by Apple, given the thumbs up by the film director Peter Jackson and produced with Yudu Media for Warner Brothers Films and Harper Collins. The books features include; interactive maps, games, puzzles, swipe responsive galleries,  and above all else - poke-able Hobbits.

Services: Creative direction, artworking, interaction design, creative consultancy.

Our Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes infographic, produced for Warner Brothers Games was featured by numerous video gaming websites and 'CreativeBloq' a leading creative design blog. 

Services: Artworking, Creative Direction

"As a videogames publisher we work with many different stakeholders from licensors and console manufacturers to industry bodies and retailers. It has been refreshing to find an agency with the meticulous attention to detail and creativity that allows them to meet the needs of our numerous stakeholders whilst delivering effective customer facing creatives." 

Services for this title: European magazine advertisement designs, retailer Wii inlays, multiple animated website banner designs, website take-over, exhibition banners

"When Wizards Keep Publishing wanted to create an extension to their new universe online and in video we went to Chris (Trickett). Put simply he "Gets it."  Due to his efforts to achieve our goals, visitors to the site now become part of our "science-fusion" universe.

Wizards Keep know we are in safe hands as we move forward and we feel anyone else placing their trust in Chris will feel the same. So much so, we named a character “Tryx” in the second volume of our graphic novel series, as a nod to Chris (Trickett) aka Trix and his work on our website. That’s how much esteem we hold him in."

Services: Worlds End website. Worlds End Graphic Novel video trailer.

Featured by Apple in the Arts & Entertainment section of the iBookstore and written about by the likes of Destructoid, Joystiq, Polygon, Game Informer, Game Trailers & VG247 -  The Deadly Premonition Director's Cut Official Visual Companion was conceived, developed and designed by House of Trix exclusively for iBooks using the latest ground breaking multi-touch technology. Published by Rising Star Games, this Official Visual Companion contains a multitude of touch responsive features including; interactive maps, a soundboard, videos, swipe-able galleries, mini games and an innovative crime scene creator game which allows the reader to make their own graphics using the games characters and backgrounds.  

Services: Creative direction, interaction design, art-working, graphic design, video editing, audio editing, html widget design, iBooks Author design, sample creation, creative consultancy.

Service: Cover design, tri-fold inlay design, cd design.

Services for this title: European Magazine advertisement design, retailer box-art inlays, roll-up exhibition banners, Mattel doll packaging adverts, website takeovers, multiple animated website banner design.

"We loved your obvious passion for Naughty Bear as well as the time and effort that has gone into your image, great idea, well executed, thank you!"

- David Osborne, Creative Director, BeHaviour Games

Key Art


Graphic Design

Creative Direction

Packaging Design

Brand Development

Creative Consultancy

Creative Advertising Campaigns

Print Design & Management

CMS Responsive Web Design

Touch Responsive iBook Design



Innovation in Digital Media Award

Our comittment to immersive online experiences won us a Creativity Works Award.

3 x Be Inspired Business Awards Finalist 

including 'Creative Business of the Year'